Mall Of America Store Moves And Improves

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Have you ever been to Minneapolis?  If you have, you’ve definitely been to Mall of America.  If you have not, what are you waiting for?

The largest, most grandiose mall in America is a major tourist attraction, boasting over 520 stores and hosting a roller coaster and Ferris wheel inside the center.  Needless to say, it is difficult to stand out amongst so much splash, but longtime Pro Image Sports franchisee Tim Moulton has done that, moving locations within the mall and building a new store that is a sleek, modern homage to the great sports history of the Twin Cities.


With his hometown teams serving as the foundation of his product mix, Moulton differentiates from the competition by offering a much wider variety of teams, players and items you probably haven’t seen before.

Moulton and his staff pride themselves on offering customer service to meet the specific needs of their broad base of fans from all over the country.  One example of this is their offering of personalized, stitched, MLB and NHL jerseys in-house!

the next time you visit the great Mall Of America make sure to drop by the new and improved ProImageSports.

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