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Big Time Sports?
Pro Image Sports is coming to your home town.

The nation’s leader in sports fan stores across the country is now offering franchises in markets without malls at a fraction of the cost of a mall based store. Starting at $92,000, Pro Image Sports is searching for qualified franchisees looking to bring officially licensed sports products to their local communities.

It’s a Business Decision

Pro Image Sports is a great option for entrepreneurs looking for a low-risk, growth business with a relatively low investment and royalty requirements. Here are some of the key reasons why you should join the Pro Image Sports team.

  • Over 30-year track record
  • On-going demand for sports products
  • Constant service and assistance from the Pro Image Sports corporate office
  • Store location and leasing assistance

Multiple Location Strategies

A true sign of a quality franchise is the number of franchisees who re-invest in multiple locations.
Pro Image Sports franchisees that have owned their store over five years typically own at least 2-3 locations.

Store Concept

Sports Fans’ Gift Shop


800-3,000 square feet


Shopping Centers, Stand Alone Buildings, Main Street


5% of gross sales paid monthly

Franchise Fee

$30,000 first store
$15,000 additional Home Town markets

Estimated Construction Costs

$5,000 – $30,000

Estimated Fixture Costs

$5,000 – $10,000

Opening Inventory Cost

$50,000 – $100,000

Embroidery Machine

$0 – $20,000

Total Estimated Opening Costs

$92,000 – $192,500

Inventory Mix By Category

  • Headwear- 35-50%
  • Novelty- 30-35%
  • Adult Apparel- 25-30%
  • Youth Apparel- 10-15%
  • Outerwear- 0-2%

Inventory Mix By League

  • NFL- 45-50%
  • MLB- 25-30%
  • NCAA- 10-20%
  • NBA- 5-15%
  • NHL- 0-10%

For Franchise Info

Call 801-296-7000


Free Franchise Information Report

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Steps to Franchising

STEP 1: Franchisee Research and Application

You will find a lot of information on this website about what it takes to be a successful Pro Image Sports owner. Once you have researched our site, we invite you to fill out the confidential qualification report in its entirety for review and initial approval.

STEP 2: Franchisee Approval

Once you have completed the Pro Image Sports qualification report, a financial background check will be performed to verify you are financially qualified to successfully operate a Pro Image Sports franchise. Pro Image Sports will also complete a personal background check to verify that you possess the experience and qualifications necessary to own and manage a Pro Image Sports store.

STEP 3: Discovery Process

You will then begin a detailed discovery process where you will work and talk with Pro Image Sports representatives and franchisees in learning more about the aspects of owning and operating this business. At this time you will receive the Franchise Disclosure Document (which contains the franchise agreement), which serves as your guide in learning about the company and industry. The Pro Image Sports team will assist you in assessing all financing options at your disposal. You will also start looking at potential mall locations prior to signing the franchise agreement.

STEP 4: Franchisee Agreement

After completing the discovery process you will be prepared to move forward opening your own Pro Image Sports store by executing the franchise agreement. You are then a part of the Pro Image Sports team, and one of the best business opportunities in franchising.

STEP 5: Franchise Location

Once signed, the Pro Image Sports leasing department assists you in your location search and subsequent lease negotiations. We have a proven track record operating in malls, and will assist you in finding a location you can be successful in.

We teach you how to evaluate which shopping centers would be best for our concept and the locations within them. This process typically begins by evaluating the centers closest to your home first. A relatively small handful of developers own a majority of the malls in the country. We have built an upstanding reputation of professionalism with these key developers.

STEP 6: Franchise Training

Training begins soon after you have become a Pro Image Sports franchisee. You will travel to the corporate offices in Utah where experienced trainers will teach you how to effectively run your franchise.

The strength of Pro Image Sports lies in our:

  • proven systems of operations
  • relationships with key vendors & property owners
  • The expertise of our corporate staff

The majority of our executives and service representatives have been with Pro Image Sports over 10 years, with the longest tenured employees being Dave Riley and President Ryan Laws, who started when the franchise was learning to walk. The staff at your disposal are the absolute best in the business. Leaders in the sports licensed industry that can help you with every aspect of your business at a moments notice.

During your training time, you will be engaged in opening vendor accounts, ordering products, and training in all areas of store operation.

STEP 7: Franchise Store Opening And Beyond

The Pro Image Sports team will travel to your location and assist you in the process of preparing and opening your store. They will teach you merchandising techniques that will make your product pop and give your store a fashionable modern feel unmatched by the competition.

They will spend time teaching and training you and your sales associates best practices in sports retail. Your customers are passionate about licensed sports items, and we will create an experience at your store that mirrors their enthusiasm.

Prior to your opening, Pro Image Sports will help you create a marketing program unique to your region to engage your target markets.

After your store launch, a service representative will be in constant communication assisting you in writing product refills, and any other areas of ongoing training.

You will then have an exciting, profitable sports franchise of your own to grow in market share as well as fun!


Marketing and Sales Support

Pro Image Sports offers many marketing and sales strategies throughout the year for you to promote your business. Our team is on the forefront of inventive new ways to continually reach your target market. We also have talented sales executives that can help you train and motivate your sales associates.

Site Selection and Leasing Negotiation Support

Our experienced leasing team has nearly 30 years of experience and relationships with mall owners across the country. We seek to help you secure the best location and rent package available.

Access to the Pro Image Sports Service Team

Pro Image Sports is different from a lot of franchises in that we have a close, on-going relationship with all of our franchisees. There are direct lines of communication with franchisees. If there are ever questions or concerns, our team is available to assist you anytime. Just ask one of our current franchisees!

Access to Top Brands

Pro Image Sports has the ability to get you open with the key vendors in the sports licensing business. There is a barrier to entry in this industry, and Pro Image Sports is the way for sole proprietors to pass through it. An added bonus is the system-wide discounts our franchisees receive from vendors because of the Pro Image Sports buying power.

Join a nationwide network of owners

Once you are part of the team you are family. The Pro Image Sports family. Our owners communicate best practices and products on a regular basis. It is a huge advantage to be able to learn from owners in or outside your market on what items are selling, or how to staff for the holidays.


Initial Franchisee Fee$30,000$30,000
Total Initial Franchisee Fees$30,000$30,000
Merchandise Inventory$100,000$300,000
Building and Leasehold Improvements$20,000$150,000
Travel and other Expenses Incident to Training$1,000$1,000
Miscellaneous Opening Costs$1,500$10,000
Advertising – 3 months$0$1,500
Additional Funds (0-3 months) $0$15,000
Total Additional Fees$155,500$536,700


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  • Does Pro Image Sports participate in any programs supporting veterans seeking their own franchise?

  • Should I be working in my store weekly?

  • Do You Have to Be a Sports Fanatic to Own a Pro Image Sports?

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