Who’s Next?

For years “The Great One” was the ambassador of hockey around the world. Since the end of Gretzky’s reign, Sidney Crosby has taken his mantle to become the face of hockey. However, Sid the Kid has only played in 61% of the Pittsburgh Penguins games since the 2010-2011 season. Crosby’s jersey continues to fly off the shelves, despite his absences. His jersey also happens to be the #1 selling jersey in all five Pro Image Sports stores within the Pittsburgh metropolitan area. In the NHL however, there will always be those looking for the next great player to rise from the trenches.


The question being asked is, “who is next?” There just so happens to be a young upstart playing in the mile-high city that may be up to the task. Nathan Mackinnon, who played in all 82 games this year scored 24 goals and has played sensationally for the Avalanche in their first round playoff series.  He leads the league in the 2014 playoffs with 10 points, which is twice as much as Sidney Crosby. For more information on the new kid on the block, click on the link below:



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