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WINDSOR, ONTARIO, CANADA- It’s a momentous occasion for Pro Image Sports. We are beyond excited to announce our latest international expansion and to congratulate Ahmed Zabian and his team for opening the first Pro Image Sports franchise in Canada!

Canada has been a territory Pro Image Sports has been looking at for a long time, but the right team of people were needed to lead expansion into that sports retail market. Ahmed’s team presented a great opportunity.

Zabian’s story is that of a hard-working entrepreneur.  After earning his degree he worked for in the corporate world and eventually started his own business. He now owns a popular restaurant and other businesses in the Windsor area. Professional sports have always been one of his passions and he knew his hometown market was a big untapped opportunity for a sports retail business like Pro Image Sports. “We wanted a sports-specific business with a strong brand,” says Zabian. So together with business partners Zach Iqbal and Rob Phillips they opened at Windsor Crossing in September. Recently they added a kiosk as well.

Ahmed handles the financials and Rob, who has many years of sports retail experience, manages the store’s day-to-day operations. “Windsor is a great place for a sports business, eh,” says Rob. “The dollar spends strong here, so we get a lot of cross border shopping from Detroit.”  There are a lot of NFL and college football fans in the area too, and while hockey products are easy to find in Canada, football traditionally hasn’t been. Their team is looking forward to filling that need.

Long term goals are to expand through Ontario and add stores in other cities. “Ahmed and his team have a good long term strategy in developing SW Ontario,” says Ryan Laws, president of Pro Image Sports. “Once both permanent stores are open in Windsor we will begin looking to London, CAN and Toronto. We look forward to beginning the development of Canada with them.”

All of us at Pro Image Sports want to congratulate Ahmed, Zach, and Rob on their store! We’re excited to team up with them in Canada!

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