Pro Image Sports Opening Near the Texas/Mexico Border

McALLEN, TX- The upcoming opening of Rahim Kurji’s 11th Pro Image Sports store is an especially exciting one because of the unique market and mall he’s opening in near the Texas/Mexico border.  Simply put, La Plaza Mall is one of the best malls in the country.  It has a very diverse customer and retailer base.  McAllen is just over the U.S. border, and sees hundreds of thousands of visitors each year from Mexico.  

Rahim is opening in an old location that used to be home to a Dallas Cowboys store, as there are tons of Cowboy fans in McAllen.  There is a demand for much more than Cowboys though -for instance, Texas is home to three NBA teams, including the reining NBA champs the Spurs, that have strong fan bases.  “La Liga” fans look to be everywhere in the area as well, and soccer could become a very important part of the inventory mix.  It should be a great NFL, NBA and soccer market!

District manager, Rob Gurney, is also very excited to take down the barricade and open for business this Friday, May 1st.    It is great timing, as Cinco de Mayo is next week, and will provide a huge influx of people coming north from nearby border town Reynosa, Mexico.  Rob has a great crew including TJ Hecht and Victor Mendoza that are going to take full advantage of the heavy traffic that La Plaza will provide.  Congratulation to Rahim, Rob and the McAllen crew!

Dave Riley

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