Pro Image Sports Bringing The Heat At The College World Series

OMAHA – If you consider yourself any sort of a baseball fan, the College World Series, held in Omaha, Nebraska every year, needs to be on your bucket list (sandwiched on the list somewhere just behind taking in a Yankees-Red Sox game in Fenway, but in front of  being a Cubs fan watching the St. Louis Cardinals win the division title at Wrigley Field and slam-dance on home plate in celebration checking out the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.)

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If you’ve had the pleasure of checking this experience off your list, you’ve most certainly seen (and hopefully purchased something from) Pro Image Sports tents outside the stadium, bringing the same killer selection and depth of product customers have come to expect from mall-based stores.

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The two Pro Image Sports owners with stores in Nebraska Paul Shillingstad (Grand Island) and Noel Cahoon (Westroads Mall in Omaha) have each had their own tents at the College World Series for a number of years now.  It is a fun and furious few weeks of ringing up sales in the heat at a rapid pace.

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This is a great example of the type of flexibility Pro Image Sports offers their franchisees, all in an effort to increase profits annually.  If there are opportunities outside the four walls of franchisees’ stores where they can increase sales, they have the encouragement and assistance of the corporate office.

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Here are two articles that will give you a better idea of the experience in Omaha in the middle of June every year:

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