New Pro Image Sports Opens in Durham, North Carolina!

DURHAM NC- Congratulations to Reid Graff and Jim Conway who have opened their second Pro Image Sports store at the Northgate Mall in Durham, North Carolina! Jim’s first store is located in Raleigh at the Triangle Town Center.

Graff is majority owner of the team, and Conways handles day-to-day operations of the business partnership.

Conway has worked in sports retail industry since 1992 and first became involved with Pro Image Sports in 1999 when the stores he was working with merged into the Pro Image Sports family. Eventually Conway, together with Graff, became owners of the Raleigh location.

Expansion and growth are a big part of their business plan, but they have been patient and let those opportunities, like the new store in Durham, come to them.  The Northgate Mall approached Conway about opening there and it took quite a few visits and meetings, but Conway and his team came to recognize a great opportunity. “We liked what we saw,” says Jim. Simple as that.

Goals at the new location include dominating the sports retail market in the durham metro area. “We want to be known as the headwear store, the jersey store, the something for everyone store,” Conway says.

And in the long term Conway will keep looking for more growth opportunities. He hopes to add a third store in the Triangle Park area of North Carolina in 2017 and then…  take over the world.

“Reid and Jim complement each other,” Ryan Laws, president of Pro Image Sports says of the Graff-Conway team. “Reid has a big picture plan for future of their stores and Jim understands the details it will take to execute.  Both work extremely hard.”

All of us at Pro Image Sports want to congratulate Jim on his the new store and wish him great success!

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