What a great start to the 2014 World Cup!  Goals have been scored like no other World Cup as teams are attacking and playing to win.  Arjen Robben, the Bayern Munich winger and star for the Dutch , along with his teammate, Robin Van Persie of Manchester United, have both scored 3 times for the explosive Orange from the Netherlands.

Defending champion Spain, quickly learned after getting destroyed by Holland and beaten handily by Chile that playing “keep away” is not the way to win this World Cup.  Brazil and Argentina have both started slowly but other South American, teams Chile and Columbia, and their northern neighbors Mexico have all looked strong.  Germany looked like the strongest team in the tournament after one game, but at some point is going to deal with conditions they won’t like.

USA!!!  The Americans got a great win against Ghana but now have to advance with Germany and number 4 in the world Portugal in their path.  My new final 4,  Chile, Columbia, Argentina and Germany.


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