What NFL Team Does Your County Support?

Check out a recent map of the U.S.A. published by Facebook, where the boundary lines aren’t states, but color-coded counties based on the NFL team Facebook users from that area say the like the best.

I would suspect the recent success of such teams as the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks have a broader fan base than they did a year or two ago.  The same could be said of the Denver Broncos, who appear to be America’s Team more so than the boys from Dallas, of 2014 at least, until you consider that in some of the counties represented by Bronco orange the farm animals outnumber the humans.

As a sports licensed retailer, this type of information is interesting, and not much of a surprise.  In just about every Pro Image Sports in the country, if they aren’t already the No. 1 selling NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys are typically just behind whatever home team is in the area.

Either the Cowboys or the Pittsburgh Steelers, are always some of the top sellers no matter where the store is located.  It is interesting to see the different areas of the country outside of their home state that you see those two teams represented as the county’s favorite.

Keep in mind the small sample size of Facebook, where every American is given an account the same time as they receive their social security card.  Only kidding.  Sort of.  I think social media was originally created for sports fans to talk trash to each other.

So what do you have to say about the rankings of your county?  Are they accurate?  Or as phony as the lives most people portray online?

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