Tyson’s Carried On The Wings Of Ravens-Orioles

BALTIMORE, MD – After building a strong licensed sports business over the past 5 years with their Poor Boy Sports stores in Baltimore, Michael & Tracey Tyson joined the Pro Image Sports team last year.  Their super store in Abingdon is far and away the leader in gross sales in 2013 after the Ravens Super Bowl win and a good season from the Orioles.  While that store steals the headlines, they have another profitable stand alone store in the Parkville area.  It is around 1,500 sf compared to around 4,000 sf for the super store.  Their overhead is so low that Parkville is extremely profitable while doing around the same sales as the average Pro Image Sports.

A major part of their branding has been to establish themselves as THE place to go for their two home teams.  Tracey badly wants to offer the local fan base some Steelers product, but Michael won’t allow it (Only kidding Tracey.  Please put the knife down!)

The Tyson’s are two of the best people you’ll ever meet, and have worked as hard as anyone we’ve seen to develop their business.  Congratulations on the great success.  Attached are a few pictures of their store.

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