Pro Image Sports Will Knock Your “Socks” Off

MESQUITE, TX- Remember when receiving a gift of new socks was more boring than eating plain oatmeal or watching PBS?  Those days are so 2010, as over the last year, manufacturer For Bare Feet has taken the sports licensed fashion sock game to the next level with a wide variety of new styles and colors that customers are clamoring for.  These are not your father’s tube socks.  While socks used to be a side dish, NFL & NBA socks are selling like a main course as fans are buying them to match their headwear (especially snapbacks).

Pro Image Sports owners across the country have benefitted from the new interest and popularity in For Bare Feet socks, but none so much as Rahim Kurji who has stores at Grapevine Mills and Town East Mall with new stores opening at Broadway Mall and Longview Mall this year.

District Manager and buyer Rob Gurney pre-booked 10 teams in the deuce style and sold through them before Christmas at the Town East location.

“That was the real eye opener,” said Gurney.  “Now we’re trying to do as many different styles & colors as we can.  We’re even looking at doing some custom orders.”

As 2013 began, Gurney went back to the well and expanded the depth of their sock offering.  At a price point of $12.99, socks are the perfect add-on sale for a customer purchasing a hat or T-shirt.  Gurney is currently having a tough time keeping up with the demand, writing fill-in orders regularly to go along with his pre-book orders while still jumping on For Bare Feet promotions.

A big reason for the boon in sales has been the manner in which Gurney and his team merchandise the socks.  With the trend in snapback hats still selling strong, of which socks are a natural add-on sale, they planted their sock display smack dab in the middle of the hat wall where the mirror is, breaking up the snapbacks and custom fitted headwear.

“If you try on a hat and look at yourself in the mirror you have to look at socks,” Gurney said.

Sock wall at the Pro Image Sports in South Towne Mall in Sandy, UT.

While the fashion customer rocks the more exotic designs (like the lime green with the throwback Atlanta Hawks logo seen above), the fan looking to bring their favorite team to their feet is after the white crew with a more toned down design.  If you’re a fan that’s into the hat & shoe game, it would be in your interest to drop by the nearest Pro Image Sports to get with the times.  Owners across the country are continuing to bring in teams in new styles that mirror their snapback purchases.

Welcome to the dawn of a new day.  Of socks…



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