Owner in Ventura, California honored as Pro Image Sports Franchisee of the Year.

Michael Felix (left) and brother Danny with Pro Image Sports CEO Dave Riley.

LAS VEGAS – Twenty years ago when Danny Felix was hustling to pay bills and day dreaming about his future, he hardly could’ve for- saw the success his career would see.

The highlight of the convention every year is the awards dinner where we’re able to share in the celebration of the achievements of our franchisees and friends.

This year was no different as Danny and his brother Michael were honored for the third time as franchisees of the year. They join the Hawkes group of father Bill & son Travis as the only three-time

winners of the award.  The Felix’s epitomize the spirit, commitment and work ethic of Pro Image Sports franchisees. Their story is one of hard work and vision.

Over 20 years ago Danny began working at the Pro Image store at Pacific View Mall in Ventura, CA. Soon after, Michael started work- ing with him.  They loved the business from the get go and poured their passion into working to make the store a huge success in the early days of the franchise. Their owner noticed their desire for something more and in the latter part of the 90’s, he offered the opportunity to buy the store.

They did so and haven’t looked back. What distinguishes the Felix’s is despite their wealth of experience they have never rested on their past success and are always trying to find ways to improve, or to implement programs provided by the corporate office.  Two years ago they were doing big sales numbers but their store looked dark because of the green paint and poor lighting. It was simply tired looking and in need of a face lift.  They replaced the lighting, installed wood floors, and redid the store front with the new Pro Image Sports sign.

Their moves paid immediate dividends providing customers a fresh shopping experience.

In December of 2012 they racked up over $400,000 in sales ranking No. 1 in the country for that month.  The Felix’s have always been eager trying to find ways to improve their sales, implementing incentive programs. They’ve always been at the forefront of the fashion side of our industry, being a leader in snapbacks and crew neck sweatshirts this year.

There are many Pro Image Sports owners that could’ve won this award, but at the end of the day the same passion and work ethic that helped them acquire the store over 15 years ago, is what helps them reach new levels of success today.

-Ben De Voe

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  1. Thank You for sharing this story with those of us who also dream of the same opportunity! I am working diligently to also eventually become a franchise owner and stories like Manny & Danny’s make me hungrier on reaching this goal. “If you love what you do, you will never a work a day in your life”!

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