It Is Never Too Early To Get Your Kids Started At Pro Image Sports

Only joking.  Sort of…

PINEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA – Talk to many of our Pro Image Sports owners and they’ll tell you one of the joys of having a store over the years has been the opportunity it afforded them to work with and teach their children business in an environment they enjoy.  Saying Jack Wappes enjoys tagging along to work at the store with his mother Alyssa is an understatement.

“He LOVES it,” she says.  “He’s always begging me to come work at the store.”

So on a recent school break Alyssa cut Jack loose to work as much as he wanted.  He performed more like a 7-year veteran store manager than a 7-year old.  Below are some shots of Jack in action.

Jack has to be patient while he finishes elementary school before being able to take on a more expanded role in the operation.  Alyssa joked, “I’m not sure what it says when you’re 7-year old is better at your job than you are.”

It means the future is bright at Pro Image Sports at the store in Carolina Place Mall.


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