L.A. Rams Unveiled New Digs, Ya Dig?

The L.A. Rams would rather forget a lackluster 2016 NFL season that led to the demise of their head coach among other embarrassments. After returning to the west coast after a 21-year odyssey in St. Louis, the franchise is rehydrating it’s roots as they prepare to open a new $2 billion stadium in 2019.

A fresh overhaul of their uniforms was in order, and in preparing for a brighter future, the Rams looked to the past.  Not the 1980’s version of yellow and blue that Eric Dickerson made famous, but even further back in franchise history to the white and blue uniforms wore by the legendary defensive line nicknamed “The Fearsome Foursome” from 1964-1972.

“Our focus has always been on introducing new uniforms the year we open a new stadium,” Rams COO Kevin Demoff recently told Gary Kleing of the L.A. Times.  “That’s the opportune time to shape your brand.”

The changes come ahead of the new stadium the Rams are set to open in the 2019 NFL season.

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