Katy Texas Welcomes New Pro Image Sports

Katy, Texas is home to some of the biggest sports fans in the country.  Football dominates in this region whether it is high school, college, or the NFL.  For these reasons and more, customers quickly raced to the new Pro Image Sports at the Katy Mills Mall.

Katy resident Rob Adams and his family opened the store, and are there on a daily basis providing unsurpassed personal customer service.

The store opened in late August just in time for the start of school.  The Katy School District witnessed an influx of licensed sports apparel walking through school doors as students swarmed the Pro Image Sports for their Back-to-School needs.  It is always fun to see a Pro Image Sports hit a new market, because customers are left speechless by the selection of licensed sports items they never knew existed.

The store has already become a hub for sports freaks to frequent.  NFL fans in the area are already at a fever pitch over the early play of the Houston Texans and have been flocking to the store to find Texans items of all kinds.  From apparel to hats and car decor Pro Image Sports has everything taken the Texas motto to heart, and done EVERYTHING BIGGER!

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